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Over a period of time, WISTRA has continuously extended its product range to be able to offer products for all aspects of load securing and safety to our customers. The international goods traffic is continuously increasing at a fast pace and is posing new challenges to manufacturers, service providers and dealers like us.

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WIS Airline-Beam 1855

In connection with the parallel-running airline lashing track in the vehicle, the trailer or other means of transport, the AIRLINE BEAM ensures form-locking load securing. The AIRLINE BEAM can be used horizontally and vertically for load securing. The automatic airline pins on both sides each engage in one hole pair of the airline lashing track.

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WISTRA Safeguard load securing net "QuickKEP"

The innovative QuickKEP safeguard load securing net was designed for fast and safe handling.

Compared to standard vertical load securing nets, we have not mounted the double airline fitting on the net for the airline lashing track on the net.

Two hooks each are mounted on the vertical aluminium net tubes. These are suspended in the double airline end fittings 380 when inserting and shifting.

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