Certified safety in development and production


Almost all products of textile and mechanical load securing are developed and designed by us.

Competent specialists ensure the installation and production of all our products in compliance with quality requirements with our modern machinery.

Years of cooperation with companies in the Far East and Eastern Europe allow us to offer you an excellent price-performance ratio.

As a result of this cooperation we can already offer you a broad spectrum of special solutions, like for instance the products of the POWERBRACE door brace series, which are manufactured under licence of an American development and marketed by us. In the area of security seals and theft protection we can offer you a broad spectrum of practice-proven products.

You will certainly find the right solution for your individual requirements at WISTRA!


All products of the WISTRA product range are subjected to stringent safety tests.

Our Quality Management forms the basis for guaranteeing our consistently high quality.

Most of the products in our program are subjected to extraordinary continuous loading. Therefore the materials processed by us have been subjected to extensive test series all along.

This is pure safety for our customers.