WISTRA presents extremely robust HQ-lashing straps

Selmsdorf, 2 March 2009 – WISTRA GmbH, which is a specialist in load securing systems has introduced a new series of extremely resistant and durable lashing straps under the name HQ. These are manufactured in our in-house production facility. The extreme breaking load of the Koepy fabric used reaches a value of up to 7500 Deca-Newton (daN).

The ultrasound processing of the material and a special twill weaving technique (see glossary) ensures minimal wear, high abrasion resistance and considerably longer service life. With the HQ products, WISTRA has upgraded its range of robust and proven lashing straps.

The abrasion resistance of new HQ straps has been certified in the testing and development laboratory of Wistra. For this purpose, a weight of 2.5 kg was attached to the strap fabric and pulled using a standard hexagonal rod for 1000 strokes, i.e. approximately 2000 cycles. After exerting this stress, conventional double fabrics still had a residual breaking strength of 40 percent.

HQ lashing straps by WISTRA outshine this result with a far better value of 91 percent. The distinctly smooth surface texture primarily contributes towards low wear. This effect is achieved by processing the material using an ultrasound method. The extremely flexible fabric ensures easier handling of these novel straps.

Thanks to extreme durability of innovative HQ straps by Wistra, they are not only safe but also very economical. A slightly higher procurement price is offset by a considerably longer service life.

WISTRA offers self-developed solutions for textile and mechanical load securing.

In the field of mechanical and rigid load securing, WISTRA offers lashing tracks, shoring beams, cargo bars, longitudinal and decking beams, double stock systems, guide rails, Airline systems, parting wall locks, garment rails, lashing points and false ceiling solutions.

The Selmsdorf office of WISTRA has approximately 50 employees. A large of part of products is manufactured or assembled in Germany. Glossary: Twill technique – twill technique is a special type of weaving. The term “twill” is an old German word for fabric having inclined weaving lines.